Hotel Kalevala - Magic and traditions

Kuhmo, a town on the eastern border of Finland, 600 km North of Helsinki, is widely known for its world-class chamber music
festival, the Finnish national epic Kalevala and wild brown bears. On this trip you can experience all of those along with enjoying
interesting works of visual arts, history and culinary treats. The daily programme will contain one to three Kuhmo Chamber
Music Festival concerts, a visit to a cultural site and a nature excursion.

Our cosy hotel is located by the shore of Lake Lammasjärvi, three kilometres from the centre of Kuhmo. The distance between town centre and the hotel will be covered daily by bicycles or by prearranged transport. The hotel has 47 individually decorated rooms, a restaurant, and terrace and sauna department.
During your staying in Kuhmo at a hotel you will be able to enjoy the beauty and delights of the Finnish summer. That will call for
not only attending scheduled programme, but also spontaneous plunges into the fresh lake, sauna bathing and marvelling the
white nights.

This travel programme is designed to be applied during the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival from 14th to 28nd July 2018 and it is
aimed at groups of 10 persons minimum.

Day 1 Arrival
Arrival at the Kajaani airport, transfer to the Hotel Kalevala (appr. 1,5 hours).
Check in, dinner at hotel’s terrace. Time for independent exploring of the hotel surroundings.

Day 2 −; Concerts, history, art exhibition, saunas and culinary delicacies
09.00−; Bike ride to the centre of Kuhmo (3 km)
11.00−;12.00 Kuhmo Chamber Music concert at the Kuhmo Church
12.00−; Guided tour at the Kuhmo Arts Centre
You’ll learn about the history of the Arts Centre, the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival and events around the
year. The festival’s art exhibition at the Arts Centre will show Finnish graphic arts.
Return to the hotel
14.00−; 16.00 Guided tour: Story of the Wind, Ice and Water
The tour will take you amidst 10 000 years old primeval scenery that was formed during the Ice Age. It will uncover you the fascinating story of how the topographic forms of this area, lakes and special fossil sand dunes were created. You will take a short barefoot walk on the sand and along the waterline, see skylarks
nesting in sand walls, and learn the story behind this river landscape.
Return to the hotel, saunas with indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis.
18.00−; 20.00 Evening concert at the Kuhmo Arts Centre
20.00−; After the concert, a three course dinner in the pop-up restaurant Salakamari
Salakamari is the place where audience and artists meet after the concerts. This festival restaurant is
renowned for its gourmet menu and festival wines.

Day 3 - Concerts, Kalevala, saunas (& bears)
Breakfast, bike ride to the centre of Kuhmo
10.00−; Heart of the Day in Salakamari
Presentation of the festival day by a festival artist.
11.00−; 2.00 Kuhmo Chamber Music concert in the Church
12.15−;13.00 Visit to Juminkeko, the Information Centre of Kalevala Exhibitions and a multimedia programme on Finland´s national epic, the Kalevala. Juminkeko also owns one
of the largest collections of various editions of the Kalevala in the world.
14.00- 15.00 Afternoon concert of the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival
Return to the hotel
16.00 Optional: Meeting at the hotel lobby and transfer to the bear-watching night (with extra charge 135 €/person).
Return back to the hotel in the morning.
Sauna and Dinner à la Kalevala for those who stay at the hotel.
Enjoy an authentic Dinner à la Kalevala, taste local delicacies in the old times atmosphere.
21.00 - 22.00 Evening concert of the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival

Day 4 - Concerts, Finnish predators, church boat tour, saunas
9.00−;10.00 Visit to the Petola Visitor Centre
Guided tour to the exhibition of large carnivores - brown bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine. Film show on Kuhmo
nature and wildlife in the auditorium.
Transfer from Petola to the centre
11.00−;12.00 Kuhmo Chamber Music concert in the Church
14.00−;15.00 Kuhmo Chamber Music concert at the Kontio School
15.15−; Guided church boat tour
The tour will start from the Kuhmo Arts Centre and the group will row their way back to the hotel along the
lake. Bonfire picnic at the Kota "teepee" by the lakeside right next to the hotel.
Sauna bathing.
19.00 Dinner at the hotel
21.00−; 22.00 Evening concert of the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival
Day 5 - Bye, bye
Breakfast, free time
11.00−; Transfer back to the Kajaani airport

1009 €/in double/twin room
1189 €/in single room

- Transfers Kajaani airport−;hotel−;Kajaani airport
- 4 nights with breakfasts in Hotel Kalevala
- Bicycles
- 2 x dinner at the hotel, Dinner à la Kalevala, dinner in Salakamari
- Bonfire picnic at Kota
- Guided tour Story of the Wind, Ice and Water, incl. transfers
- Entrance to Juminkeko
- Entrance to Petola, English speaking guide
- Guided church boat tour from the town centre to the hotel, incl. transfer to Kuhmo
- Tickets to the concerts mentioned in the programme
For extra charge:
- bear night, 135 €/person
- tickets to other concerts, 18.50−;37 €/concert/person
- taxi transportation between the hotel and the centre, 15 €/one way
Festival programme: The programme of the 2018 Kuhmo Chamber Music will be publishd in January 2018. Preliminary
information will be given to the groups in December 2017.