Folklore treatments

Natural treatments are health and wellbeing beyond thousands of years. Peat, life salt and nature's herbs are treatment to different bothers and are 100 % natural products.Treatments for groups are available too!

Price / person starting

38 €


All seasons


30 min - 2h


Back, shoulders and feet à la Väinämöinen
Including 20 min peat poultice, massaging of hands, feet, back and shoulders, herbal foot bath and natural herb tea
70 €/1,5-2 h

Massage à la Kalevala
Massage of arms, legs, back, shoulders and neck with natural herb tea
80 €/ 1,5-2 h

Nature's spirit herb massage
Healing herbs, legs, arms, back and shoulder massage, natural herb tea and herbal foot bath
75 €/1,5 h

Hot chocolate - deeply relaxing body massage
Incl. full body massage, pampering facial treatment
88 €/2 h

Bamboo stick massage with herbs
Relaxing and calming full body massage with nurturant local herbs.
88 €/2 h.

Sauna treatments

Joukahainen peat sauna
Guided peat sauna include whisking, massage, herbal foot bath and natural herb tea
80 €/1,5 h

Salt sauna treatment
Salt is used for scrubbing skin and breathing it in furing the treatments. Salt treatment helps with skin problems and breathed in it has healthy effects.
65 €/1 h


Aino's cleansing peat/clay face treatment
Choose peat or clay face mask and you will enjoy massage of scalp and face while it affects. Also including bog toner and natural herb tea.
38 €/30 min

Mielikki feet peat treatment
20 minute peat poultice with foot massage, natural herb tea and herbal foot bath
58 €/45 min