The summer activities take you to fascinating adventures in the middle of the Wild Taiga nature: bicycling, bear and wildlife watching and photographing, fishing, berry and mushroom picking, hiking, husky trekking...

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Bear watching night

Meeting the "Wild Brown Bear" in its natural environment, the wild taiga, is an unforgettable experience and of course or photography enthusiasts an opportunity to take the shot of a lifetime from the comfort and safety of our specially designed Bear hides. Price includes transfers (appr. 50 min/direction) snacks in the hides, sleeping bags, blanket and pillow, and personal tour guide. Equipment recommended: clothes according to weather forecasting, binoculars, video and camera, something small to eat. Please note smoking is not allowed during the night and we require absolute silence. Duration from appr. 4pm until appr. 7am.

Duration: one night
Price: 185 €/person

Hiking tour on brown bear tracks

During a nature walk of 2-3h in the Finnish taiga, you will discover with the guide the secrets and tracks of brown bear: dropping, marks on trees. Guide will tell you the story of a Finnish bear. To see the animals why not continue the evening with a bear watching night. Equipment recommended: clothes and shoes according to weather forecast, binoculars, video and camera. Service languages Finnish, English, French. Tour includes transfers, coffee.

Duration: 2-3h
Price 65 €/person


We invite nature enthusiasts to the evergreen forests to look for the European Elk (Alces alces), the largest member of the deer family found throughout Europe. Europe’s biggest mammal is extremely well adapted. You take at dawn or dusk guided safari to meet this impressive mammal - the sound of them in the dusk create a special atmosphere. On the tour you might also see the rare Wild Forest Reindeer (Rangifer Tarandus Fennicus), the wild cousin of the semi-domestic reindeer "Santa’s Rudolf" as well as birds. Tour includes transfers, coffee.

Duration: 3 - 4 hours
Price: 110 €/person

Husky farm visit

Your day will be spent with a small husky farm appr. 15 km from Kuhmo centre. Enjoy accompany with these lovely dogs! Price includes transfers, picnic lunch. This activity we recommend also families with small children.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 80 €/adult, 40 €/child

Husky trekking

A Hiking tour that takes you out in the nature with lovely sled dogs. Although being on their summer holiday, the huskies are very eager to guide you through beautiful sceneries and uncrowded trails. Incl. transfers and picnic lunch
Duration 5-6 hours
Price 95 €/adult, 47,50 €/child

Nordic walking tour

Now you have a chance to try the famous Finnish sports! This guided tour goes along the Kalevala area, first little lesson. Suitable also for beginners.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 35 €/person

Bicycle trip

Guided tour along the countryside includes bike, helmet, soft drinks and snacks.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 48 €/person

Bicycling and hiking tour

This guided tour includes appr. 7 biking tour followed by a 2,5 km guided hiking tour in Kämärä forest path with coffee break.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 48 €/person

Fishing trip to lake Pajakkajoki

Guided trip to River Pajakkajoki by the Kuhmo centre, where fishing white fish, pike perch, pike, perch. Incl. transfers, fishing permits, equipment, lunch by an open campfire.

Duration 4 hours
Price 110 €/person

Fishing trip to lake Syväjärvi

Guided tour to the beautiful lake, where you can try to catch for example rainbow trout. Incl. transfers (18 km/direction), fishing license, equipment, lunch by an open campfire.

Duration 4 hours
Price 110 €/person

Exiting swim at the Pajakkakoski rapid

This exciting swim takes place in the Pajakkakoski rapid in the centre of Kuhmo. The preparations for the swim include dressing in thermal underwear and a rescue suit with assistance from your guide. The first step is to get used to floating in the river and then the safety procedure and matters related to swimming down the rapid are explained. After floating in the quiet water, the participants swim down the rapid all together with the guide. After that it is possible to swim also one by one. There are rescuers at the bottom to make sure everybody gets out of the water safely. The experience is completed by having warm toddy, fireside coffee and receiving a diploma at the tepee below.

Duration 3 hours
Price 140 €/person

For rent

5 €/hour, 25 €/day

Rowing boat
8 €/hour, 40 €/day

Nordic Walking poles
3 €/hour, 12 €/day

Free of charge

For hotel Kalevala guests

- Several outdoor games such as badminton, frisbee
- Beach by the hotel shore, fireplace by the hotel shore
- Playstation2 and Nintendo & WII games
- DVD movies
- Board games
- Library
- Wi-Fi

Wellness treatments

(prices and bookings at the reception)

- Peat sauna, Infra red sauna
- Herbal baths

- Classical massage
- Traditional Finnish bone setting
- Reiki

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