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Menus for special occasions

Have your unforgettable and stress-free occasions in restaurant Kanteletar.
We can arrange all your life’s events; weddings,
birthdays and any other special occasions.

Here you can see few of our sample menus.
For more menus and tailor made menus you can contact our sales team,
Min. 30 persons

Menu 1

Mushroom soup
Kainuu style country butter and bread

Game stew
Potato purée
Beetroots and pickles

Chocolate cake
Coffee and tea
32,50 € / person

Menu 2

Tar herring
Rowanberry herring
Roe, onions, smetana and pickles
Smoked salmon
Wild mushroom sauce
Potato bacon salad
Goat cheese and tomato salad
Green salad
Kainuu style butter and bread

Deer goulash
Fritter small herrings, tartar sauce
Dill potatoes
Root vegetables

Tiramisu cake
Coffee and tea
36,50 € / person

Menu 3

Russian herring
Matjes herring, onions, beetroots, pickles, eggs and mayonnaise
Smoked salmon
Rowanberry herring
Wild mushroom salad
Goat cheese and tomato salad
Oak leaves, salad, cucumber, olives, feta and tomatoes
House dressing
Fresh baked bread with butter

Roast loin of pork
Green pepper sauce
Tarragon carrots
Cream potatoes

Cranberry-caramel cake
Coffee and tea
49,00 € / person

Menu 4

Vendace roe
Onions and smetana
Smoked salmon

Guinea fowl
Blackcurrant jelly
Veal entrecoté
Cranberry sauce
Root vegetable mosaic
Group salad:
Oak leaves, salad, olives, feta, honeydew and cucumber
House dressing
Wild mushroom potatoes

Blue cheese
Brie cheese
Grapes, apples, crackers
Coffee and tea
54,50 € / person

Don’t forget to ask good price for your event accommodation.
Host will have a suite for free when at least 16 guests will reserve accommodation.

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