Menus for special occasions

Have your unforgettable and stress-free occasions in restaurant Kanteletar.
We can arrange all your life’s events; weddings,
birthdays and any other special occasions.

Here you can see few of our sample menus.
For more menus and tailor made menus you can contact our sales team,
Min. 30 persons

Menu 1
Cheese salad
Chicken pasta salad
Crispy green salad
Pike-perch from Kainuu with herbal cream cheese veil
Potato mosaic
Tarragon carrots
Cloudberry licorice cheese cake
Coffee and tea

41,00 €/person, over 30 guests
38,50 €/person, over 50 guests
36,00 €/person, over 80 guests

Menu 2
Tar herring
Cold smoked salmon rolls
Reindeer pasta salad
Sunny green salad
Oven baked whitefish or salmon
White wine sauce
Herb potatoes
Roasted butternut squash
Raspberry cake
Coffee and tea

41,50 €/person, over 30 guests
38,80 €/person, over 50 guests
36,50 €/person, over 80 guests

Menu 3
Sweet potato vanilla soup
Shrimp nut salad
Fruity green salad
Overcooked ox brisket
Red wine sauce
Baked bluecheese cauliflowers
Oven baked potatoes
Lingonberry parfait with blackcurrant glaze
Coffee and tea

45,00 €/person, over 30 guests
42,50 €/person, over 50 guests
40,30 €/person, over 80 guests

Menu 4
Herring caviar
Smoked salmon with roe sauce
Roast beef and horseradish sauce
Chicken pasta salad
Green salad
Roasted pork fillet
Blackcurrant sauce
Garlic cream potatoes
Oven baked roots
Cinnamon-apple white chocolate cheese cake
Coffee and tea

49,00 €/person, over 30 guests
45,50 €/person, over 50 guests
43,00 €/person, over 80 guests

Menu 5
Tomato herring
Smetana herring
Glassmaster's salmon
Spinach omelette rolls
Salted beef with horseradish sauce
Roasted fillet with cranberry sauce
Smokefish gelee with rye crust
Potato apple salad
Tomato mozarella salad
Cheese nut salad
Rainbow vegetables
Court cheese chocolate cake
Coffee and tea

(Cold table, only the potatoes are hot)

44,80 €/person, over 30 guests
42,30 €/person, over 50 guests
39,60 €/person, over 80 guests

Menu 6
Carrot peanut soup
Black bean avocado salad
Rainbow vegetables
Crispy green salad with olive oil
Lentil loaf Wellington
Pomegranate couscous
Chili paprika fluidi
House bread with bean paste
Angel cake
Coffee and grean tea

(This menu is possible to be entirely vegan)

38,50 €/person, over 30 guests
36,20 €/person, over 50 guests
33,90 €/person, over 80 guests

Don’t forget to ask good price for your event accommodation.
Host will have a suite for free when at least 16 guests will reserve accommodation.

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