Infrared radiation soaks into tissue and causes heavy perspiration
without the uncomfortable feeling of high temperature.
In infrared sauna perspiration is three times more than in a conventional sauna.
A person burns 600 kcal in infrared sauna during a 30 minute session.
That is more than during a 30 minute run.
An important difference is that infrared sauna warms deep in the tissues,
temperature of body cells raises up to 38,5°C and at the relatively
low temperature sweating is more intensive.

In infrared sauna intensive perspiration bring positive influences
- Remove chemicals from the body like mercury, lead, cadium, street pollution, cholesterol, urea etc.
- Improves functioning of heart and blood vessels
- Loose weight and cellulite
- Stimulates immune system
- Improves circulation
- Relieves stress
- Cleans skin, helps in skin problems such as acne, rashes, scars

Before the infrared sauna, please take a shower.
In the sauna, please wear your swimming suit or towel.
For best results, take sauna treatment 3 times/week for a month.
Infrared sauna is different from regular saunas because of its revitalising effect;
therefore it can be used even in the morning.

In some cases the infrared sauna is not recommended,
ask at reception before booking.

30 min

20 €/1-3 persons at a time

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