For an active but relaxing holiday Hotel Kalevala is the ideal place for you. During the summer, we offer a wide selection of activities including hiking tours, husky trekking, canoeing, swimming in the nearby lake or fantastic swimming in the rapids! This and much more you will have in this relaxing atmosphere and pure nature. Winter activities cover a variety from cross country skiing to snowmobiling and snow shoe walking to husky safaris.


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This select hotel, whose building mirrors the nature that surrounds it, nestles on the shores of Lake Lammasjärvi in Eastern Finland close to the Russian border. This is a region of great tradition and folklore. This is a place where Finland’s great epic Kalevala still survives, indeed a place of true ‘Finnishness’.

The Kalevala Hotel is in a unique setting where there is space to relax and unwind in an ideal retreat. What more inspiring environment could there be than our breathtaking lake view offering nature adventures on land or water, summer or winter.
The Kalevala Hotel is an excellent choice for a Winter holiday, Christmas holiday, short break, special occasion or family holiday, for Business or pleasure.

You are very welcome to Wild Taiga, Finland!

Responsible travel

Hotel Kalevala works very closely with local companies. Some of the safari providers are independant one man business’s. They have a passion for their activities. They have grown up in the area and can pass on lots of historical and cultural facts. They have a great knowledge of their surroundings and the nature, which they enjoy to pass onto their clients during the activities so as they get the best out of the experience.

Many local associations also play a part in the tourism of Kuhmo, e.g. once a week, during winter, a local Folklore group visits the hotel playing, singing and dancing together with our guests.

Many of the older traditions are carefully preserved and are part of the entertainment offered by the hotel. Rune-singing and Kalevala epic, tar-history, war-history, Father Christmas, traditional nature tasks, wild animals tours are some examples. Guides for the special programmes are from the area, highly skilled and these tours are always planned in cooperation with them.

Our partners (transportation, food, activity companies, etc.) are also from the region. We buy and use as much home produce as possible, e.g. berries, mushrooms, fish. Our rye bread has been created together with the nearby bakery. Decorations such as flowers, cones, lychen, stones and bark all come from the surrounding nature.