Aromatherapy bath

Aromatherapy bath relaxes not only the body but also the mind.

Price / person starting

18 €


All seasons


20 min

Lavender calms your mind, body and lows your blood pressure. Lavender pampers skin.

Sea-buckthorn - mandarine
Sea-buckthorn refresh and gives help for dry and atopic skin. Mandarine gives balance for oily skin.

Amacing scent of acasia helps for stress and nerves.

Almondmilk and -oil
Almond oil includes a lot of E-vitamine so it gives help for dry hair. Almond gives new touch for your skin and also affects on wrinkles.

Poppy - hemp
Hemp oil includes a lot of omemega -oils that moisturising your skin and keep it shining. Poppy flower gives nice aroma for the bath.

Cherryflower - rice oil
Rice oil gives vitamines for the skin and keeps it flexible. Cherryflower gives nice aroma for the bath.

Menthe - orange
Menthe is natural help for ackne, refreshing treatment for sunburn skin. All vitamines and parfume of orange refresh and give energy for mind.

Eucalyptys revitalise mind and takes away mucscle tension.

20 min.

Price: 18 €/person
30 €/2 persons

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